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The school offers a wide choice of subjects for Junior and Leaving Certificate examination. All subjects are available at higher and ordinary level and wherever possible we adapt the timetable to cater for the individual needs of students. There is also a specialised programme for students whose particular needs can best be met by working in a smaller group with lower pupil-teacher ratios.


Junior Certificate


Certain subjects are studied by all pupils. They are called core-curriculum subjects and at Junior Certificate comprise:

English Irish Maths History
Geography Science P.E. R.E.


In addition, we offer a range of optional subjects, including:

French Business Studies Home Economics Metalwork
Music Technology Technical Drawing Woodwork


These optional subjects are arranged in groups on the timetable at the start of First Year. After a sampling period, choose one subject from each group. Teachers and parents help with making this choice. Below in this web page you will find a sample timetable to give a clearer idea of how this system works.


Curriculum Review


Given the changing nature of education and the numbers of new courses available for state examination, it is part of school policy to review the curriculum regularly. As a result, we are able to add new subjects to the timetable when we feel they would be of benefit to our students. We now offer Environmental and Social Studies for Junior Certificate, Transition Year and Engineering for Leaving Certificate. We have also introduced Computer Studies for non-examination classes.


Transition Year Programme


This programme is available to students after they have completed the Junior Certificate and before they begin the Leaving Certificate. Recommended by the Department of Education, it is in keeping with their desire to provide a six-year cycle for all students. The Transition Year aims to give pupils an opportunity to consider their future education and work choices in a year separate from state examination. During the programme, they can improve their academic performance, gain practical insight into working life and experience a wider curriculum. The Rosmini programme was highly commended by the Department of Education in the WSE.

The following subjects are included in the Transition Year Programme:


Core Subjects
English Irish Maths Science
Continental Language P.E. R.E. Business Studies


Equality Studies Drama Heritage Studies
Politics and Law Woodwork Metalwork
Consumer Education Mini-Company Industrial Relations
IT / ECDL Film Studies Art


Leaving Certificate Applied Programme

The Leaving Certificate Applied Programme is an option for those students who are not catered for by the traditional course. It is a distinct, self-contained two year programme and is based on continual assessment as well as exams. On completion, students will receive a full certificate from the Department of Education. Rosmini has been involved in LCA from the start and is one of the few schools in the locality to offer the programme. The programme was commended by the Department of Education in the WSE. Most of our LCA graduates go on to further education.

Leaving Certificate

At Leaving Certificate, the core-curriculum subjects are:


English Irish Maths P.E. R.E.

Following on from the system used at Junior level, students choose the balance of their subjects from a range of optional subjects. These options include:

The Sciences - Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Business Subjects - Business Organisation, Accounting and Economics

Modern Languages - French and Japanese.

Technical Studies - Engineering, Woodwork, Metalwork, Technical Drawing and Construction Studies.

Humanities - History, Geography, Art and Music.

While most of these subjects are available each year, there will be some variations according to the numbers choosing a particular course. Again, all subjects are taught to higher and ordinary level.


Some years ago, we introduced an evening study theme for Third and Sixth Year students. The trial programme was so successful that it has become an established part of the school's academic life.


At Rosmini Community School, we are fortunate in having excellent facilities for practical subjects. We have three science laboratories and fully-equipped woodwork, metalwork, technical drawing, art and computer rooms (2).