Monday, September 7th is a massive day for our Leaving Cert 2020 class; results will be available from 9am on the Student Portal. We are all really hoping that everyone gets on well and gets what they want for the future.

You can always contact us in the school if you have any questions. Our career/guidance counsellor Ms Mc Hale is available at If you need to come in and talk with some, please make an appointment through the office, unfortunately we cannot allow a “pop in” visit, as we have a lot of new rules relating to COVID-19.

If you have any questions after receiving their results today; you can see some FAQ answered at, from on Monday, you can contact the Helpline 1800 265 165.

You came to us as children and you left us as adults, we could not be more proud of the time we shared with you. Tomorrow signals the start of a new path in life for you all and we sincerely hope it leads to happiness, success and fulfillment. Best of Luck to you all!