An important message from Rosmini Community School:

We hope you are keeping safe and well.  We received information last night from the new Minister for Education.  We have shared this on Twitter but we are also posting it here so that everyone receives the information they need.  The following are sections from the Minister’s announcement:

(1) From Monday 20th July at noon, the student portal will open again.  Please go to the portal at log in and confirm that you wish to receive your calculated grade results later in the Summer.  The portal will remain open until Monday July 27th – it does not state what time it will close.  We urge you all to opt for the calculated grades.  You cannot lose out by doing this.

(2) Results will be delayed this year and will be released on the 7th September.  There is no decision yet as to how these results will be given yet (online / in schools)

(3) The first round of CAO offers will take place on the 11th September

(4) When you receive a text message next week, please respond and opt in to receive your grades on the portal

(5) All students, whether they opted to receive calculated grades or not, will have the option of taking the Leaving Certificate examinations later in the year.  Any student that is unhappy can seek an appeal and also opt to take the written examination in that subject.

(6) A small number of students will not be able to receive a Calculated Grade for all of their subjects. For example, if students were entirely self-taught or taught by a parent for a particular subject, there would not be a credible source of evidence on which to base a Calculated Grade in a way that would be fair to other students.

The Calculated Grades Executive Office has been processing applications and reviewing cases with schools and decisions will be issued to students in the coming weeks.

If you need any assistance / help / guidance, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. O’Donavan at She be delighted to be of assistance to any of you.

We will send further reminders to do this over the week.  We would urge you to ‘opt-in’ and if you are not happy with the result, you have the possibility of sitting the paper.  Never before have you had the option to look at a result and decide if you want to take it…or sit the paper later to get a second result.  We would urge you to do this on Monday 20th and not leave it until the last minute.

Take care and we are here if you need us!

Mr D’Arcy & Ms O’Donovan.