Students Council

Rosmini Community School has an active Students Council which is elected annually by proportional representation.


  • To afford students the opportunity to play an active part in the overall life of Rosmini Community School.
  • To encourage students to become self-confident and responsible.
  • To give the students an official forum to be heard.
  • To foster a sense of loyalty.
  • To improve communication at all levels.
  • To develop the ethos as is characteristic of Rosmini Community School.
  • To enhance leadership skills and encourage the holistic development of the student body.


  • Kye Byrne & Jamie Carrick (1 Roverto)
  • Morgan Curran (2 Padua A) & Alisha Maher (2 Padua B)
  • Hannah Flynn & Lucien Matei (3 Genoa)
  • Jessica Birjoveanu & Sarah Hannigan (4 Padua)
  • Edward Chobanov (5 Veneto)
  • Stephen Lane (6 Stresa), Paul Simonescu & Rory Smyth O’Brien (6 Roverto)