On Tuesday 17th of May one of our sixth year classes presented a tactile book which they had created as a group project in art class with their art teacher when they were in Transition Year,( pre pandemic) .This was a great opportunity for the students to finally present their work to Katharine Howe and Aisling McDonagh of ChildVision reading services for the Children’s Library at ChildVision.

The book entitled ‘Getting Ready for School’ is aimed at the blind or visually impaired 4-5 year old child and is brailled and has text. It is both tactile and interactive and children can learn to identify objects and perform actions associated with the various stages of getting ready for school. Our students got great enjoyment from the project and were presented with  beautiful certificates from Child Vision Reading Services.Our students look forward to a visit next week to ChildVision Children’s Library and  Lifelong earning Social Enterprises where they will have a tour.

Thanks to Katharine Howe, Aisling McDonagh, Aideen Brady, Derval Healy and all at the Reading Services and Children’s Library at ChildVision.